Passionate UAV Drone Pilot

Capturing Aerial Magic Through a Drone Lens

I’ve always had a passion for drones and photography and over the years I have developed the skills and eye to capture the best aerial cinematic shots possible. Whether it be for property, visualizations, locations, special event or inspection/audit services, I will capture the best aerial shots for your special project.

I can also provide editing services such as colour correction and video creation.

Melbourne at sunset




Drone Photography and Videography

One Artistic Eye Deserves Another

Whether you need photos and videos for your website, marketing, property, visualization or inspections, I will get the shots you need, professionally, safely and with artistic vision.

Capturing Special Shots

Planning and experience counts

Capturing the best shots takes experience and skill. Planning, lighting and angles helps capture magical and beautiful shots that stir the emotions.

My UAV photography and videography skills will take your project to the next level and at very reasonable rates.