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Aerial Photos and Videos

UAV Drone Services for any project

If you need professional aerial videos, photos or inspection services, then I am your drone pilot.

I am experienced and will provide skilful, safe UAV/drone camera services to capture the most creative, stunning shots possible.

The original shots will be provided plus I can colour correct the photos and videos. If required I can also create a finished video.

I also have other cameras, gimbals and wireless microphones for ground level and indoor shots.

Professional drone pilot; CASA RePL licensed and $20M public liability insured.

My services would suit architects, developers, builders, property agents, manufacturers, businesses, manufacturers, councils, utilities, marketing/Ad agencies, weddings and anyone looking for professional UAV aerial services at a very reasonable price. Try Gizmo Drones today!

About Gizmo Drones

Create Something Special

I will be your UAV pilot and my job is to ensure that I capture aerial photographs and videos that stir the emotions and give you the best content for your awesome project.

Click here to view my Gizmo Drones YouTube channel. Below are some of my recent YouTube videos.

Here are some recent work examples:

Audit Lawn Bowls Surface
Site Audit

Capture the photos and videos you want

I like to work closely with my clients so that I understand what you are trying to create. I then work hard to plan and then capture the shots that you will love! That’s my promise to you.

Brett “Gizmo Drones”

UAV Pilot   

Gizmo Drones Services


Make your pitch, development or property a visual feast with beautiful angles, lighting and depth. Turn your project into something special with aerial photos and videos.

Location Shots

Aerial shots of your business, factory, car, truck, boat, utility, product, ad or film.  Capture aerial photos and videos of your most special things and do it well.

Special Events

Make the moment last forever. Drone aerial videography and photos for social media and marketing will make your special event stand out.

Feel free to explore your idea or project with me. I will provide feedback and will quote as cost-effectively as possible.

If you select me then I will complete a Job Safety Assessment and will fly within CASA Regulations.

CASA RePL licensed and $20M Public Liability Insured.

Additional Services

  • Inspection services
  • Property audits
  • 3D mapping photos
  • Aerial surveys & progress reports
  • Panoramic photos, 360 photos
  • Music and dance Videos

Project Site Audit

UAV Drone Excellence

Catani Gardens, Albert Park Lake and Melbourne city
St Kilda

I offer a personalized approach to aerial photography and videography to achieve aerial shots that will enhance your project. I will try hard to capture the best angles with the best lighting.

Try Gizmo Drones today!